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What did become of sin? Chuck Colson poses that question in his study book “How Now Shall We Live.” In today’s worldview, the idea of sin has been dismissed. As Colson states, the biblical doctrine of sin has been cast aside. Modern thinkers hold the belief that sin is an archaic and oppressive ideology. They believe man is good and given the right social conditions he will flourish in that goodness. These are the views that drive socialism and communism. The state attempts to create the right social conditions so that man may thrive in goodness.

Why does this matter to us? Because our country is moving closer and closer to that worldview. In doing so, our government attempts to create the right social conditions for people to excel. The big problem is that many see religion and the tenets of evangelical christianity as a hindrance to the development of a better social condition. Therefore, we must limit the expression of these for the good of everyone. The flaw in this view is that no matter what conditions the state or government tries to set up, sin is still present and will corrupt their attempts.

The second concern in this ideology is that of accountability. If the notion of sin is archaic then I no longer am accountable to a higher authority. God has been removed from the picture. It also means that whatever evil I do is not my fault but rather a result from the evils of society that impact me. This worldview is now rampant in our culture. “It is not my fault that I am a serial killer, it is my parents fault because they abused me as a child.” “It is not my fault that I abuse my wife and kids, my job situation is to blame because of the pressure put on my by my work and the greedy people who run my company.” 

As believers we must stand for the truth. We must now shy away from the fact that all have sinned. Our world is not in trouble because of the wrong social conditions, we are where we are because of sin. There is only one remedy for that problem-Jesus Christ!

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